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3 Times Through Finishing School? You’re Joking Right?

Okay, its true– I have finished finishing school 3 separate times – graduating every time!

However don’t think that means this site will be prissy or about being perfect – far from it – this site is about making people feel comfortable and helping people do better with people.

And after being through finishing school three times I know a little about what makes people feel comfortable!

It’s about YOU!

This site is about you – you must be reading this for a reason – and I’m honored you’re here and I want to help you – it’s what I do.

People Skills are a topic that is basically limitless – and the foundation I got by going to finishing school has really given me an advantage – which I’m excited to share with you on this site!

First the story – when I was a wee lass of 12 and living in rural Oregon with cows and other critters my mother decided if her daughter was ever going to have a social life finishing school would enhance it.

Off I went to an 8 month program where we did all those things you think you will do –

  • Walking with a book on head, Check –

  • Setting a table properly, Check –

  • Sitting, walking, turning and acting ladylike, Check, check, check and check

  • Grooming, make up and general pleasing appearance, Checks all around

We even learned skills we wondered about – like when to wear white gloves!

At 12 everything you learn is filtered through unaware eyes – at least in this case it was – and the skills we learned and the practice we did I used – mom was proud at least!

Mom was overly zealous in my education so I took dancing lessons, some acting classes, music and drama in school and then it’s time to graduate and there are no funds in the coffer for college.

Not Finished Yet!

Mom then decides to put the lessons to use in hopes of getting a scholarship. Next thing I know I’m Miss Hillsboro Happy Days (mild applause here I’m certain…) and the first place winner does indeed get a full scholarship – to finishing school!

Back I go for another 8 months to learn – well – you know the drill – only this time things are different because I am different and I now realize that all these things will help me, that I will have an advantage in my life.

After that my life journey included five years traveling through Europe, additional travel throughout America and finally coming back to Oregon – where there was a new modeling and finishing school – which I applied to – and was accepted to teach with one condition – that I take the entire program through as an apprentice! Let’s go through three times!

Knowing My Stuff!

What this means to you is that I’ve been there and done that – thrice!

So you know I have some vast knowledge – and more than that – the wisdom to help you apply it.

Most importantly – after I finished my apprentice – I went on to teach finishing, fashion and commercial work for over two decades – I started out really young!

As an instructor it’s been a blast to mix humor into the mix – not take any of the “rules” to seriously and apply these basics to an ever evolving and altering marketplace.

It’s working too:

Here’s a recent comment:
Hurray, YOU! A recent daily from you advised that to avoid the check discomfort at the end of a meal, to present (discreetly) your credit card when the meal is ordered.

THANK YOU. I was staying at relatives for a quick weekend celebration and our last opportunity to gather was a Sunday brunch. I slipped my credit card to the hostess and told her, “There is to be no discussion over the check.”

As the plates cleared and the waitress asked if there would be anything else, the usual nonsense had just begun about who would get the check. The waitress just beamed and pleasantly stated, “The bill has been taken care of, and have a lovely holiday.”

Darlene Schmitt

I work with executives and amazing organizations who know the value of investing in people – and because you’ve made it this far – you must care about doing well with people too.

If you’re ready – I can help you and your organization to excel with your people skills – through presentations, coaching and products – depending on your needs and end result desired.

Here’s another comment:
Many times you've been an inspiration and without listening to one of your motivational/how-to-be-successful CD's it would have been hard to make it through the day.  After applying your techniques, life just seems richer.  Thank you, thank you, for being you.
Coni Crone
Marketing Manager

Here are some of the things that have proven to be true - learning finesse, etiquette and people skills gives a person:

  • Confidence to meet new people

  • More ease in social and business situations

  • Gracefulness

  • Advantages with sales

  • Courtesies in dealing with cuisine

  • Awareness in grooming and wardrobe

  • Leadership characteristics

  • Better presentation skills

  • Clearer communication

  • Stronger presence

So what do you need?

There are many things to view and see and learn here –

Now it’s up to you – take action now!

You are only one action away from being better with people, more confident and graceful.

I’m excited for you! Take action now – it’s your life!

Next step:

  1. Email me to set a time to talk – about your needs, your goals and how to move forward from here. Shawna@ShawnaSchuh.com

  2. Or - Call me! I answer my own phone (when I can) and we can have a quick chat – check each other’s energy and see what we think! 503-662-3044

You came to this site for a reason – I don’t know what it is however I’m honored you’re here and I look forward to hearing your story and helping you on your journey – to ever more joy and success!

Blessings, Shawna

24241 Hwy 47 · Gaston, OR 97119 · 1-503-662-3044


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